The COGNOS System is Peninsula Academy's way of maximizing performance on the ACT exam. Under the COGNOS methodology, students practice using real ACT tests along with supplemental material in order to build mental stamina and develop effective test-taking strategies. Tutors break down each section of the test and teach students how to think and reason the way the test makers do.  


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weekly act mock exams

Students begin by taking a mock ACT exams to give them an idea of what test day will really be like. The score from each student's first test will serve as the baseline score for each student's progress plan and will also be the lowest each student will score once they begin the program.

CUSTOMIZED progress plans

The first exam score helps our tutors develop a customized progress plan for each student. Plans will outline suggested areas of focus, recommended homework and practice for outside of class, scores from regularly scheduled mock ACT exams, and a curriculum of practice problems from real, past ACT test addressing areas that need improvement. 

Improve your testing time

Learning to navigate the underlying concepts of each test section is only part of the process. Keeping track of time and making sure that there is enough time left to review answers will be the other key factor in preparing for test day. Students take weekly timed tests and practice with individual, timed sections from real ACT exams. Tutors teach strategies for maximizing time efficiency and accuracy on each portion of the test.  


For younger students who want to begin preparing sooner for the ACT or those who need to review some grammar and writing fundamentals before diving into the ACT tests, we have ACT Gateway. This program focuses on critical reading, usage and mechanics, annotating, and composition skills. Reinforcing these skills early helps to form a long lasting understanding of key language and composition concepts that will serve students well into the future.