College Consulting

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Students who want to be accepted into the most prestigious universities must find a way to stand out in an ever-growing sea of motivated and well-qualified applicants. For today's student, high test scores and a strong GPA are not enough to guarantee acceptance to even lower tier schools. Fortunately, we are here to help every student stand out to his or her full potential by offering support with all the critical steps of the college application process, including:

  •  Building college lists and choosing an intended major
  • Setting a timeline for deadlines and application due dates
  • Completing all applications (Common App, UC application, and private college applications) and supplemental materials
  • Choosing which standardized test is the right fit (ACT vs. SAT)
  • Composing and refining personal statements and supplemental writing assigments
  • Preparing for interviews with admissions officers
  • Securing letters of recommendation
  • Completing the FAFSA, hunting for scholarships, and loan information

Peninsula Academy’s College Counseling program helps students and parents plan wisely to maximize students’ chances of admission to their dream schools. Our certified college counselors draw on their training and Peninsula Academy’s 25+ years of experience to advise students on how best to shape their academic and extracurricular careers. Our students have gone on to some of the best colleges in America, including: 

  • Michelle Ling, U of Chicago
  • Chris Ha, Johns Hopkins
  • Blair Horner, Duke
  • Tim Park, Wash U St. Louis
  • Tochi Onyeador, Wash U St. Louis
  • Lauren Nickl, Boston College
  • Daniel Cervantes, BU
  • Allen Koyano, NYU
  • Julea Chin, Stanford
  • Lauren Conway, Columbia

  • Lauren Kim, UPenn

  • Kristen Whang, Brown

  • Carly Staub, MIT
  • Anson Tsai, UC Berkeley, Regents Scholar
  • Leila Mohaddes, UC Berkeley
  • Jonathan Low, UCLA
  • Arya Ghadimi, UCLA
  • Stephen Spennato, USC
  • Michael Turpanjian, USC
  • Michael Liu, BU
  • Annika Ringblom, Harvard
  • Charissa Iluore, Harvard

  • Hyunjean Kim, Princeton

  • Shannon Chen, Princeton

I am currently a Pre-Med student at the University of California in Los Angeles. Needless to say, the classes are rigorous. Going into my college applications, I had no idea what I wanted to focus my college essay on. Seventeen years of experience and nothing special I could think of until I met Daniel. Daniel helped me to plunge into my history and helped me write an essay that got me accepted to all of the UCs.
— Arya G. -UCLA
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the hours you have spent with Maddie this past year helping her out with both college testing and essays. I truly believe that without the help and insight of Peninsula Academy, she would not have been as successful in the application process as she was. As you know, she was accepted to BU on early decision, received the Dean’s scholarship, and will be attending there in the Fall. Getting into BU was always her dream, but she also ended up getting into every school to which she applied with the exception of UCSB, where she was wait-listed. (Not bad for a girl who thought she wasn’t getting into any colleges!) She has told me several times that looking back she is so glad that she worked with Peninsula Academy. A price cannot be put on how much you have done for her, thank you again!
— Louise P.