4 Week Back-2-School Sessions

Early Reading  [1st-2nd]

July 27 - August 21  |  4 weeks  |  T,Th  |  9 AM - 10:30 AM

This program is designed to improve fundamental phonics, vocabulary development, reading comprehension, literature, writing strategies, writing applications, English language conventions, listening and speaking. All those skills will be taught through fun activities, projects and get plenty of opportunities to express their creativity throughout the program!

Young Writers’ Workshop [2nd–7th]

July 27 - August 21  |  4 weeks  |  M–Th  |  9 AM - NOON

Our young writers’ workshops are designed for a particular grade range, but they all share a common goal: to awaken the creative spirit within all students. This year’s program will have students engaging with a wide range of writing genres through weekly projects. Students will practice grammar fundamentals as well as brainstorming, outlining, and editing skills. Workshops are divided into three levels: 2nd–3rd, 4th–5th, and 6th–7th. Students are free to enroll any week!

Advanced Math Club [4th–8th]

July 27 - August 21  |  4 weeks

4th-5th Grade, Mon, 1-2:30 PM   |   6th-8th Grade, Wed, 5-6:30 PM

This program is designed for those who aspire to master higher-level math. Our students will be taught by highly experienced coaches who have participated all different math competitions such as AMC8, AMC10, AMC12, AIME, Math Olympiad, Math Field Day, Math Count, etc. Get ready to take your math skills to the next level! 

STEM Previews

July 27 - August 21  |  4 weeks

Our course previews are intended to introduce material that students will be seeing during their next academic school year. Each preview will cover the entirety of the first semester’s material and will utilize the textbooks that students will be using during the school year.

Common Core English + Math | 2nd–5th

July 27 - August 21  |  4 weeks

English: 2nd/3rd  M, W  |  9-11 AM   -  4th/5th  T,Th  |  9:30-11:30 AM

Math: 2nd/3rd  T,Th  |  1-3 PM   -  4th/5th  M,W  |  2-4 PM

This course is designed to reinforce the common core standards and methods for grades 2nd–5th. Students learn and practice these standards through real common core material and assessments. Classes are divided into two levels: 2nd–3rd and 4th–5th.

Book Clubs [8th–9th]

July 27 - August 21  |  4 weeks  |  Monday, Wednesday | 3:30-5:00 PM

Our preview book clubs introduce students to some of the material they will read in the upcoming school year. Students engage with books and poems through a variety of activities in order to gain an early understanding of readings that are often considered challenging the first time around.

ACT/SAT Boot Camp | 8 weeks

SAT: July 27 - August 20  |  Monday - Thursday  |  9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

ACT: July 27 - August 20  |  Monday - Thursday  |  3:00 - 6:00 PM

Students will practice for the ACT/SAT using the COGNOS methodology developed at Peninsula Academy. This system has students practice with real ACT/SAT tests from past years to build mental stamina and develop effective test-taking strategies. Instructors break down the sections of the test and teach students how to think and reason the way test makers do.

Ancient Greek Mythology and Writing [3rd–6th]

July 13-September 4  |  M-Th  |  8 weeks

In this workshop, students discover why myths were created by many of the world’s ancient civilizations and how those myths are found in contemporary literature, film and other media of today. How many of those stories were based on real experiences? Students explore the art of storytelling, discuss mythology and examine oral tradition as they experiment with creative performance and come to understand the mythologies of ancient times.

College Application [Seniors]

As the 2020-2021 admissions cycle has been profoundly disrupted by COVID-19, students have to proactively adjust their plans and strategies. Our college counselors offer in-depth assistance in all areas of college application, from revising the college list, adjusting the timeline, reviewing applications, to coaching/editing essays. In this uncertain and difficult time, let us help you create a positive path forward to your dream college.

College Transition [High School Grads]

How well a student transitions in the first year of college is one of the best predictors of success during college and timely graduation. Our college counselors help students utilize their time between now and Fall to prepare for a smooth transition. Whether is applying for summer internships, connecting with faculty, selecting electives, or choosing minors, our counselors are here to help.



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