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College Admissions Webinars

Application for Fall 2021 is probably the most unpredictable, competitive, and chaotic cycle in the American college admissions history. For the majority of top universities, acceptance rates have plummeted to historic low. 

At Peninsula Academy, we are extremely proud to see our students accepted into top universities, including Columbia, U Penn, Caltech, Cornell, Berkeley, UCLA, USC, with 20% accepted at an Ivy Plus university, 60% accepted at the nation's Top 30, 73% at the Top 50, and 40% awarded merit scholarships. 

We are excited to share our perspectives of the new college admissions environment and provide actionable recommendations for next steps. You’ll learn:

•    What impacts the pandemic has on admissions
•    What test-blind and test-optional admissions mean
•    What students can do to stand out
•    What essay writing do's and don'ts students should watch out for
•    What a stress-free college application timeline students can follow

The content is the same for all three webinars; multiple dates are offered so that one of the schedules will work for you. 

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Questions?! We're happy to help:  
For English, Doreen 310-408-4188 
For English and Korean, Kay 310-989-7557
For Chinese, Annie 424-394-6362 
WeChat ID: PA-550, peninsula10000