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College Admissions Webinar Series

Ivy Leagues and Top 20 Admissions

On Friday, February 18 at 5pm PST, our expert counselors -- Luke, Jamie, and Ji -- will be sharing what students can do to impress admissions officers at the Ivy Leagues and Top 20 colleges in the U.S., including:

  • The fundamental components of Ivy and Top 20 admissions

  • The essential planning and preparation process to succeed

  • The most important strategies and secrets to stand out

  • The keys to ace admissions interviews

Whether you are a student or a parent whose student is aiming at top schools, we highly encourage you to attend this webinar and grasp the code to crack elite college admissions. 



Born and raised in Palo Alto, California, Luke ventured to the East Coast for two years at Harvard College before transferring to Stanford University, where he earned his B.A. in English. Since 2003, he has helped hundreds of students achieve academic excellence. A seasoned college counselor, he is particularly proud of the many students he’s helped gain admission to colleges which they thought were beyond their reach, including Stanford, UC Berkeley, Brown, MIT, and many others. He believes studying and college planning should feel empowering and efficient, and works hard to give his students a sense of personal mastery and independence. 

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Jamie grew up in Southern California and attended public schools in Irvine before enrolling at Harvard-Westlake for middle and high school. She earned a B.A. in political science from Stanford University and her J.D. from Harvard Law School. Between undergrad and law school, she worked for three years in tech and consulting in New York, San Francisco, and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Jamie has a passion for teaching and mentoring and a love of reading and writing that she hopes to instill in her students. In helping students craft the perfect college essays, Jamie works closely with them from brainstorming ideas to improving clarity and flow to finetuning each sentence. Jamie is also an alumni interviewer for Stanford. 


Ji received her Ph.D. in education from USC. Ji’s research focuses on understanding and assessing how students succeed. Ji has published in peer-reviewed journals, including Higher Education, Journal of Diversity in Higher Education, Journal of General Education, Innovative Higher Education, and Journal of International Students. Applying research to practice, Ji started advising students since 2010. She is passionate about helping students not only get into but also succeed in college. Before coming to the U.S., Ji was a college English teacher, and received her BA and MA in English from Huazhong University of Science & Technology, China.

Mondays @ 3:30 - 5:00 PM
Online via Zoom

Questions?! We're happy to help:  
For English, Doreen 310-377-1297 
For English and Korean, Kay 310-989-7557
For Chinese, Annie 424-394-6362 
WeChat ID: PA-550, peninsula10000

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