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Events and Recordings

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February 18, 2022

College Admissions Webinar - Ivy Leagues and Top 20 Admissions

In this webinar, our expert counselors -- Luke, Jamie, and Ji -- will be sharing what students can do to impress admissions officers at the Ivy Leagues and Top 20 colleges in the U.S


June 26, 2021

College Admissions Webinar 2

In this webinar, We are excited to share our perspectives of the new college admissions environment and provide actionable recommendations for next steps.


June 18, 2021

College Admissions Webinar 1

In this webinar, We are excited to share our perspectives of the new college admissions environment and provide actionable recommendations for next steps.


August 21, 2020

Learning At Home Under COVID-19

In this webinar, we will present approaches and options of at-home learning and homeschooling. We will provide insights into what a typical day may look like and tips that can help keep students on track. 


April 25, 2020

COVID-19 and College Admission Seminar

In this webinar, our expert college counselors walked through exactly how the college admissions process has been affected for seniors and juniors, and advised how to proactively manage the situation.


November 2, 2019

College Essay Workshop

Join us for a FREE workshop where we share with you strategies on how to write perfect UC and Common App essays. We will provide detailed steps and examples for some of the most popular prompts, and will share the best tips for brainstorming, writing, and editing.


August 5, 2019

Finish the UC and Common App in 5 Days

Peninsula Academy’s College Application Boot Camp is designed to help rising seniors complete their UC and Common Application in 5 days. In a small class setting with a 1:2 student to counselor ratio, each student has unlimited access to our expert college counselors and essay coaches.


May 17, 2019

Rising Seniors: Free Application Workshop

For many students and families, applying to college seems overwhelming. Where to start and what steps should you take? And what can you do now and in the next few months to increase your odds of admission? Join us for a free workshop designed for current juniors.


March 6, 2019

High School and College Planning Workshop

This workshop is designed to help 8th grade students prepare for a smooth transition to high school and start college planning early on. We will address general topics in the first half, followed by a breakout group discussion where you can ask one of our counselors specific questions.


January 24, 2021

Idea Accelerator Program

This spring, Peninsula Academy partners with MIT's BioBuilder Foundation to offer our 7-9th grade students an excellent program to explore and engage in biotechnology. The Idea Accelerator is an online guided learning community for teams of students who want to design biotechnologies that might change the world. Learn more HERE.

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