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Essay Editing

Quick Review

• Ideal for students with a near final essay

Full Essay Review

• 1 brainstorm session

• 2 rounds of thorough feedback and suggestions

• 1 final round of proofreading

Each essay is reviewed by at least 2 counselors. Counselors will review ideas, organization and flow, clarity, voice, tone, word choice, sentence structure, spelling, grammar, typographical errors, and other language errors.

How We Can Help You

We have read and edited thousands of college admissions essays. We have worked with students across the academic spectrum. We have learned how to help students comb through their history and identify the right themes and experiences for admissions essays. We know how to help them turn those highlights into compelling, well-written stories that charm admissions officers.

We brainstorm ideas with students, offer our written feedback online, and give the essay a final proofread to make sure it is error-free. We also set and manage the deadlines for drafts, including early and regular admissions.


Get Started Today


Already have your essay written and need that final polish? Submit it via our online platform and an essay coach will contact you with questions or return with feedback within 72 hours.


Feeling stuck in your essay writing or unsure about the direction you are heading? Our essay coaches are here to help you. Submit your information and someone will contact you shortly.

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