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Art Class

Art and Design

Engaging with art, such as painting, drawing, and design, is critical to student development. Research has shown that artistic and creative explorations spark brain development, develop language and motor skills, improve emotional intelligence, and boost social skills. More importantly, when students are encouraged to express themselves creatively, they develop a strong sense of confidence and individual identity. In our view, art education is not a luxury, but an essential building block of student development.  

Peninsula Academy is pleased to launch a new Art and Design program, consisting of three parts. In our weekly painting and drawing classes, students will develop foundational artistic skills and experiment with their creative explorations. Through art competitions, our students will flex their artistic muscles, sharpen their creative senses, and have the opportunity to observe, assess, and learn from other budding artists. Of course, they would be greatly motivated by winning a prize or acclaim. Lastly, for students applying for competitive private schools or colleges, our Art and Design program and admissions counselors will work closely to help each student build exceptional art portfolios. For students pursuing art or design majors, portfolios are the most important part of the application. For other students, art portfolios will complement their application as a showcase of extracurricular pursuits, giving them an edge to stand out. 


Instructor Cici will lead all weekly classes. Cici received her undergraduate degree in Environmental Design from Tsinghua University, China, and her MFA (Master of Fine Art) from the New York School of Interior Design. Working with a wide variety of mediums and constantly pushing conventional boundaries, Cici has a reputation for her unique style and technique. Many of her art and design works have been presented at exhibitions, art clubs, and galleries.


A passionate art teacher, Cici empowers her students to get in touch with their innate creativity, improve artistic skills, and experience our shared humanity. Drawing on her experience of over 20 years in interior design, Cici also mentors middle and high school students who are thinking about pursuing a professional career in art and design. 

Cici's Artwork

Class Description and Schedule

Young Artists (K – 5th):
Students will learn fine art painting by mixing media and using different styles, techniques and mediums, such as pen, water color, and acrylic. Beginners are welcome and will learn the basic elements of art and explore multiple forms of mediums, including drawing, painting, and pastel.

Tuesday 3:30-5pm, 5-6:30pm
Thursday 3:30-5pm, 5-6:30pm
Saturday 9-10:30am
Advanced (5th – 8th):
Students will focus on traditional pencil sketches and acrylic paintings. In addition to practicing basic skills, the class will introduce 3D perspective. Students will learn techniques including drawing from observation, shading, gesture drawing, and how to integrate colors. These skills are fundamental to students who are thinking about pursuing art professionally in the future.

Saturday 10:30am-12pm

Paper and easels will be provided. Canvas can be purchased onsite. Students will need to bring their own paints, pencils, or other supplies.

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