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National Economics Challenge

The National Economics Challenge (NEC) is the country’s most prestigious economics competition for high school students. NEC tests micro and macroeconomic principles as well as knowledge of the world economy. State-level competitions are the first part of the NEC, where teams of 3-4 students compete to determine who will represent their state at the National Semi-Finals. The teams that win the National Semi-Finals will compete at the National Finals, culminating in the International Quiz Bowl Finals. 

Why Should Students Compete in NEC?

For students interested in economics and business, NEC is an excellent opportunity to flex their intellectual muscles and take their economic literacy to the next level. NEC will help students: 


  • Get a 5 on the AP exams

  • Stand out on college applications

  • Prepare for college economics and business courses


Peninsula Academy will organize group lectures, seminars, and practice sessions as well as on-demand 1:1 private session if needed. If a student can't find others to team up, we will form the teams for them. We are currently offering online classes in AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics, which will help students excel in NEC. 


Registration is open. Interested students should contact us ASAP to discuss forming teams and preparation. Contact us or fill out the registration form.


All middle and high school students are eligible. No formal courses in economics are required. Any team of students interested in economics is encouraged to compete. Students do not have to have taken or currently be in an economics course in order to participate.

Competition Divisions

The "Adam Smith" Division is restricted to students enrolled in courses labeled AP, IB, honors, differentiated, or college level. Any economics course as a two-semester course also falls in this division.

The "David Ricardo" Division is restricted to students enrolled in one-semester or less high school course not labeled as AP, IB, honors, differentiated, or college level. If a student previously competed in NEC in the David Ricardo Division, they must compete in the Adam Smith Division. 


Middle school students will compete in the "Middle School" division. 


Please note this timeline is from last year's competition. The upcoming competition's schedule is not yet announced.

  • February 24th - March 11th: Games Begin! Teams take 1 of 3 online exams: David Ricardo beginner, Adam Smith advanced, or Middle School.

  • March 13th: Top 5 teams of each test and region are announced and notified.

  • March 24th (San Francisco) and March 31st (Los Angeles), State Championships: The top 5 teams of both tests (in each region) meet for competition.

  • National Semi-Finals: Each team who advances from state competition completes a proctored exam

  • May 16th - 18th: National Competition in New York. Top 4 teams from the National Semi-Finals will receive all food and lodging paid for (flights are not covered). Includes a dinner cruise around Manhattan and One Observatory tour.

Questions?! We're happy to help:  
For English, Doreen 310-408-4188 
For English and Korean, Kay 310-989-7557
For Chinese, Annie 424-394-6362 
WeChat ID: PA-550, peninsula10000

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