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Accelerated Reader Program

Our Accelerated Reader Program is a multifaceted course that seeks to gauge a student’s reading level through an assessment test (based on State and District standards) and then provide a large library of books that a student can read. All books come with a point-based score that is calculated by a book’s grade level and difficulty.

Once a student finishes a book, we can then test them on it with a reading comprehension quiz. Once they pass, the points from that book are added to their reading level which immediately contributes to their reading score.


The AR Program Includes:

A 15-25-minute Reading Assessment test that is based on Common core standards for each grade level. This score also lets us compare a student’s reading level amongst their peers using State and District benchmarks.

A large library of 200,000+ books along with quizzes. Books are matched with a student based on their reading assessment score and interest level. While most quizzes are for reading comprehension, we can also test some books for vocabulary and other reading skills. We can also add books and modify quizzes according to a student’s need.

Guided instruction with our tutors. In these classes, which can be done individually and in groups, we provide guided reading to students to assist with their comprehension.


Tutors also have access to the Accelerated Reader Program's large library of educational resources (worksheets, lessons, materials) which are all based specifically on Common Core standards. So along with reading assistance our tutors can provide plenty of other materials to help a student improve their reading skills.

More Useful Tools Include:


An AR reading app that allows students to access over 3,000 of the books from the AR catalog.

Expected Growth. Along with charts to show a student’s level amongst their peers, we can also provide charts to show how much a student is expected to improve (based on their Reading Assessment scores) after a month or more in the AR program.

Detailed records and lesson plans. Along with keeping a record of all student’s reading and quiz scores, the AR program also provides tools to create detailed weekly lesson plans. This allows us to modify things such as lessons, assisted reading time, acceptable reading scores and weekly objectives. This allows us to alter our AR program to meet each individual student’s needs and goals.

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