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AMC 8/10/12, the most popular and respected math competition in the US, is now open for registration for the 2022-2023 academic cycle. Last year, there were over 300,000 students participating and about 5,000 schools that hosted the AMC competitions. We’re proud to say Peninsula Academy is one of the official AMC hosting sites! In last year’s contests, three of our students had excellent results: two Honor Rolls on AMC8 and one AIME qualifier from AMC10. You can find detailed information about what each AMC contest covers from here.

Whether you are aiming for AIME or the US olympiad, or simply looking for opportunities to flex your intellectual muscles, we strongly encourage you to participate. Math competitions help students develop positive attitudes towards analytical thinking, which will significantly assist in their future academic journey and professional careers. For a complete reference on different competitions you can participate in, check out our Competition Guide.

Peninsula Academy is not only hosting the AMC competitions but also offering AMC 8 preparation camp. Our veteran teacher Royce, a Columbia University graduate, will use AOPS, the most leading problem solving books to guide the students.


For more details about registration or enrolling in our test prep classes, please contact Competitions Manager Kay at, 310.377.1297 (office), 310.989.7557 (mobile).

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