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I was especially impressed by Luke's viewpoint toward the UC questions. All of the questions could be pretty ordinary topics, but he looked at my daughter's drafts carefully and picked some unique topics we never thought would be a good fit, and he truly nailed it! Throughout all the past experiences we have had with Luke, especially with the UC applications, we now see the huge difference between "with" and "without" his help. My daughter will be going to her dream school UCLA as a Sociology major. 

Maria, May 2024

The college consulting team at Peninsula Academy is absolutely outstanding. They genuinely listened to my concerns and went above and beyond to help me achieve my dream. They really pushed me to work harder, think more critically, and strategize. We spent countless hours refining my essays, perfecting every detail. Thanks to their help, my college applications were a tremendous success. I received acceptances from Penn, Columbia, UCLA, and even a full ride at Northeastern. I'm so happy with the results and grateful for their incredible support.

Benny, May 2024

I’m so blessed that I was introduced to TJ. Without his guidance and pre-dental planning, I really would not have made it this far. Pen Acad definitely changed my life.

Margarett, December 2023

We looked to the Peninsula Academy to help us navigate the complex process of college admissions. Ji and the college counseling team at Peninsula Academy proved to be a valuable resource throughout the entire application process. They were able to advise regarding target schools based on our qualifications and needs, brainstorm essay topics, and help us to keep track of important dates and deadlines. Ji was supportive and remained engaged throughout the entire application and admission cycle and helped the process to go as smoothly as possible.

Joe, July 2023

Would definitely recommend this place if you are looking for tutors and College Counseling! Luke is very knowledgeable in helping me prepare for the SAT for its English section and did a phenomenal job helping me correct and improve my college essays! Mrs. Ji did a wonderful job in helping me to plan out my colleges and guided me throughout the college application process!

Paul, June 2023

The consulting service and academic tutoring I received at Peninsula Academy made my dream a reality. When I met my transfer consultant TJ for the first time, he helped me to make a detailed plan for my study in the next two years in community college. Thanks to his guidance, I have the confidence to pursue my dream school, UCLA. He taught me how to enrich my academic and extracurricular activities, so as to stand out in the transfer application. I would also like to thank my teacher Luke, whose writing guidance helped me structure my essays better and improve my writing skills. In late April this year, I received an offer from UCLA. I am very grateful for their help and expertise!

Ruo, April 2022

I have learned from Peninsula Academy for the almost past two years since the pandemic started. Since school was canceled, it was a bit more difficult to find opportunities that would regularly come to expand my knowledge on what I want to pursue. In addition to this, Peninsula Academy was core to my development as a well rounded person, and ultimately played a major role in my acceptance to Phillips Exeter Academy this year..  During my independent school applications, I had the amazing advice of TJ to guide me along the way. Under the guidance of Luke, I managed to write many, many amazing pieces, including publishing my first novella, which is available to the public, and receiving the runner-up award for the New York Times Reading Contest. And of course, the mathematics class that I took with Julian had the most impact on my life. Julian has become a close family friend, and his engaging classes exposed the real underlying beauty behind pure mathematics.  If you wish for an engaging and empowering experience in education, Peninsula Academy is the place. 

Forrest, April 2022

We moved from Beijing to LA in 2017, around April 2017 my wife and I did a house hunting at PV and Torrance. After looking at several houses for sales, I asked my realtor to drop me off at the ice rink which is my daughter's most favorite activity. We passed by the Peninsula Academy. I told my wife this is a great place for our daughter to enrich her English. Kay Lee, the deputy director of the academy was there, she was extremely helpful and listened to me on our needs. She recommended Kathy Kerstein as my daughter's English teacher. We moved our family on July 28, 2017. It's a Friday. My daughter Yiyi started Kathy's one to one class for the whole summer and once-twice a week during the school year. Apparently, she did extremely good at her ENGLISH LEARNER'S class. She moved on with Kathy's help, she got into Stanford's summer school, UCSB Research Mentoring Program. From a Chinese speaking little girl, hardly can speak a full paragraph to a young adult commanding her English In three and half years.

My daughter, applied for colleges this year, she got admitted for UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, UCSD. For private institutions, she got Harvey Mudd (finalist for President's Scholarship, she declined), Columbia University and Caltech.

She accepted the offer from Caltech and will be the 2025 class of Caltech.

Kathy Kerstein is a great teacher, she is always available and ready to help, I would like to thank the Academy for all the supports.

Chung, April 2021

I had almost all of my tutoring sessions at Peninsula Academy. After moving from Shanghai to Palos Verdes about 5 years ago, I was greatly struggling with English. Then I came to Pen Academy to seek for an English tutor. JJ was the one who helped me the most with my speaking, writing, and reading skills, and he helped me to get a decent score on SAT (1500). Other tutors I have had include TJ, Joseph, and Jason who helped me with math, biology, and physics, and I had great experiences with all of them.

When it comes to the time of college application, my college counselor Ji spent a lot of time with me brainstorming about the college essays. She encouraged me to be the person I want to be and express myself in my essays. Finally, all of these got me into my dream college.

Learning at Peninsula Academy was a very enjoyable experience as the tutors do not only help you to achieve academic success but also care about your personal well beings.

Daniel, April 2021

Peninsula Academy has Great programs and great teachers. My son signed up their summer writing class and learned & read several books. Their math and computer classes are good too.

Will recommend to anyone.

Starry, January 2021

"By far the best tutoring place in PV. My son started tutoring with his math tutor few month ago and I am seeing more improvements in such short amount of time compared to his previous tutors. Due to COVID19, the lesson is remote but I sat down on few of the lessons and I was impressed how his tutor was able to manage and engage the session remotely. I would highly recommend this place to anyone and shout out to Haseeb! Thank you and my son told me you teach way better than I do!"

Ryan, April 2020

"My son has been going to and studying at Peninsula Academy for 2 years since K.   His tutor is patient, caring, thorough and most importantly fun with kids.  Out of all the activities that he has after school, this is his favorite session that he would literally beg to go to

I have seen gradual and continuous improvements over the years in his English skills and am quite satisfied with the staff, tutors, and the materials that they use. Talk to the counselors there to discuss your kid's needs as well as your goals and I am sure you will be connected with the right tutor."

Eugene, February 2020

"I've found Peninsula Academy to be very helpful. My kids have been taking debate classes at PA for a semester and they really like it! I can see their progress, too. We will try math class and others when they get to middle school. We are glad we have Peninsula Academy in the Palos Verdes area!"

Jun, January 2020

"TJ is one of the smartest and kindest people I have ever met during my high school career. He has not only assisted me in AP Biology and AP Physics, but also given me many suggestions on college selections and encouraged me during application season. He values both my academic success and mental well-being. I am grateful for his hard work and care."

Alice, January 2020

"We love Peninsula Academy. All of our three boys are attending and seeing excellent progress. We highly recommend their services. We especially love Mrs. Spargo and TJ."

Joseph, September 2019

"I always refer my friends to Peninsula Academy, the environment is very friendly, the quality of the work is outstanding! All teachers provide an excellent, high quality service. They are knowledgeable, patient, and very dedicated to their work, no comparison to other places in South Bay. Highly recommend!"

Anna, January 2019

"I have had 3 kids participate with both private and group tutoring. All my kids enjoy their instructor and appreciate the attention and guidance they've received. Peninsula Academy has helped our children immensely for over 8 years."

Stephanie, November 2018

"My counselor was good at not only helping me with my essays but also exploring all of my options and career choices. TJ focused on my weakest spots and helped boost my ACT score from a 29 to a 32 within a short amount of time. Without their help, I wouldn’t have had the confidence I needed to proceed in the college process!"

Christine, May 2017

"Many thanks to Peninsula Academy for helping me throughout middle school and high school. Dr. Ahn, Jasen, and the other group math tutors showed me how to tackle math competition problems and helped me understand everything from pre-algebra to calculus. I would definitely recommend coming here for help."

Julea, October 2016

"Peninsula Academy helped me achieve many of my high school goals. I took one-on-one college counseling classes which really helped me present myself well in my college applications. As a result, I was accepted into many of the schools I applied to."

Hanna, October 2016

"Going into my college applications, I had no idea what I wanted to focus my college essay on. Seventeen years of experience and nothing special I could think of until I went to get help from Peninsula Academy. I was encouraged and enabled to plunge into my history and write essays that got me accepted to all of the UCs."

Arya, April 2015

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