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Fall 2022 Sessions

SAT Course (In Person)

Sat: Practice test (every other week) 9am-12:30 pm 
Sun: Class 3:30-6pm

Whether you plan to take the SAT this October, November or December, you will see immediate results with our SAT Intensive program, where you’ll get hands-on practice on real SATs and master proven strategies to ace each section. 

Online SAT with Luke | Sun 10 am-12 pm

In this results-oriented course, students will learn the most essential strategies for maximizing their scores. Topics include how to handle time pressure, speed reading, multiple choices, and how to identify the common patterns in “trap” answers. All materials are drawn from real SAT tests over the past five years, ensuring accurate and timely information.

SAT/ACT One-on-One Prep

In private sessions, coaches develop personalized plans that address the individual student needs for improvement. Students receive extra practice, instruction, and the one-on-one attention they need to succeed.

College Application | Seniors

We help students proactively manage the new normal of college application, including dealing with test-optional policies, maximizing success through the early round(s), planning letters of recommendation, drafting compelling activity descriptions and essays.  

College Planning | 6th-11th

Our comprehensive college counseling services help students identify their passion and college dream, and pursue those goals with strategic planning and perseverance. Counselors help students manage the timeline, explore leadership opportunities, and engage in extracurriculars.

AP Economics Group | Sun 3-5pm

Our AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics, taught by a veteran AP economics teacher Trang, are designed for students who are interested in economics, finance, and business, and would like to challenge themselves by taking additional AP classes outside of school. Students will be prepared to take the two AP exams in May 2023.

AP Psychology Group

Taught by Julie, a veteran AP Psychology teacher, this course is designed to allow students to experience an in-depth exploration of human thought processes and behavior through various psychological perspectives, and to prepare students to take the AP Psychology exam in May 2023.

AP One-on-One

With the cancellation of SAT Subject Tests, AP exams have become more important in college admissions. Students need to score 4's and 5's to demonstrate their mastery of the subject matter. From math, science, to languages and humanities, our expert tutors help students enhance their understanding of the subjects and ace the exams. 

Competition Camp | 4-12th

Participating in competitions helps students flex their intellectual muscles, deepen their passion in the chosen field, and help them stand out in college admissions. We offer private and group classes for prestigious competitions in math, physics, computer science, economics, psychology, and writing. Students are challenged to develop exceptional talents and encouraged to push to the limits of their academic abilities. 

Group Math & Science | 6th-12th

Mon/Thu: 4-5:30pm
Sun: 4-5:30pm

Math and Science are fundamental but challenging subjects. Our tutors, who are graduates from Columbia and Princeton, have expert knowledge of the subjects and, through years of tutoring, have developed a deep understanding of the teaching practices at the local school districts and their teachers.

Advance Math Club | 4th-8th

4th/5th: Tue 3:30-5pm 
6-8th: Wed 4-5:30pm

This program, taught by graduates from Columbia and Penn, is designed for students who aspire to a higher level of math skills. Some of our past students were awarded the “Top Independent Scorer” on the Math Field Day or Math Count competitions. Recent achievements over the past academic year include: three Perfect Scorers in MOEMS, two Honor Rolls on AMC8, and one AIME qualifier from AMC10.

Phonics/Early Reading | K-1st

Fri, 3:30-4:30pm

Research has demonstrated that an understanding of how letters relate to the component sounds of words is important in reading. Systematic phonics instruction leads to higher achievement for beginning readers and prepares them for early reading success.

Young Writers Book Club | 2nd-9th

2nd/3rd: Tue 4-5pm
4th/5th: Fri 3:30-5pm
6th/7th: Wed 4:30-6pm

This club provides students with interesting and high-quality books that they might never otherwise read. Students will also practice writing, brainstorming, outlining, and editing based on the club reading materials. Participation can be online or in person.

Online Dynamic Essay Writing with Luke | 6th-11th

4th/5th: TBD
6th/7th: Fri 3:30-5pm
8th and up: Sat 3-4:30pm

This class teaches the fundamentals of academic writing, with a focus on persuasive and analytical essays. There will be an emphasis on literary fiction, though nonfiction and poetry will also feature. Students will learn to identify themes and subtext, analyze characters and discuss their relationships and goals. They will practice commenting on literary devices such as symbolism, metaphor, allegory, irony, and satire/social commentary.

ISEE/SSAT Prep | 4th-9th

Lower Lever (4/5th): TBD
Middle Level (6/7th): TBD
Upper Level (8/9th): TBD

This program is designed to help students who plan to apply to private school for the 2023-2024 school year. Students will learn key study skills and test strategies, build vocabulary, and strengthen reading comprehension. The small-group setting allows for individual attention and tailored instruction by experienced instructors. 

Python I: Introduction to Programming 

This class is for younger students who do not have any background in computer science and are interested in exploring the subject. Students will use Python to explore fundamental concepts in programming as well as learn creative problem-solving techniques. They will have the opportunity to put together everything they learned over the summer by programming the classic board game Battleship. Students who are interested in non-technical subdisciplines within computer science such as graphic design and web development should take this class. 

Python II: Introduction to Competitive Programming 

Taught in a highly technical, fast-paced context, this class prepares students to compete in computer science competitions. Students will learn foundational concepts, algorithms, problem-solving techniques, and efficiency analysis by working on problems from past USACO (United States of America Computing Olympiad) contests. Prior experience is not required, but a solid mathematical foundation is critical in understanding efficiency of algorithms.

Speech & Debate | 1st-8th

8/22-12/15 (no class 11/21-11/27) 16wks 

  • IP Little Speech(1st& 2nd) | Tue 4-5:30pm

  • IP Elem Speech & Debate Comprehensive(3rd-5th) | Thu 4-6pm

  • IP Elem Speech & Debate ML Comprehensive(3rd-5th) | Thu 6:15-8:15pm

Join our fast-growing speech and debate team! Learn speech and debate from our partner ModernBrain top coaches. Our students have gone on to win national debate competitions and earn internships with the Supreme Court and Congress. Learn to express yourself, have fun, and win awards! 

Policy Debate Nationals Team (6th-8th)

2nd year circuit debate: Tue 6:30-9pm 
1st year circuit debate: Thu 6:30-9pm 

Fall 2022-Spring 2023, one year program

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