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Dec 20-22 & Dec 27-29 (6 days)


Writing/Public Speaking Camp | 4-8th

Course Description: This class offers students an engaging, detailed introduction to the basics of public speaking, along with fundamentals of essay writing (& other forms of writing, too!). 

Instructor: Nicholas 


Instructor: Luke 

Topics to be discussed include:

  • How to capture & maintain an audience's attention

  • Techniques for remaining calm and focused while speaking

  • Organizational skills for both oral and written presentations

  • Persuasive writing (Thesis, Evidence, & Analysis) 

  • Examples of great speeches & essays from historical figures

  • Examples of famous short stories & poems to inform students' creativity

Each student will have the opportunity to present their own speech/formal piece of writing to the class. Students will learn technical knowledge, find personal inspiration, and gain confidence in their ability to express themselves through the spoken and written word. 


  • 4-5th: 1-3 pm (in Person)

  • 5-6th: 10-12 pm (online)

  • 6-8th: 1-3 pm (online)

Instructors: Nicholas (in person class) & Luke (online)


Instructor: Julian

AMC 8 Workshop | 6-8th

Course description: this intensive Workshop is to prepare for upcoming AMC 8 on Jan,18, 2022. Students will review the fundamental knowledge and cover problem solving  skills needed to excel on this year's AMC 8 test. Students will learn the tips needed to solve common problems efficiently, and practice with previous math contest problems, taken from AMC 8, MATHCOUNTS, and more.

Schedule: 1-3 pm

Instructor: Julian

Theo Papageorge Pic_edited.jpg

Instructor: Theo

Website Building Class: 6th and up

Course description: As technology continues to advance, it is becoming more and more important for students to have an online presence, aka your personal brand, from running for leadership positions at your school or local community, to marketing your club or newly formed non-profit, to showcasing your art works. And when it comes to college applications, it is becoming common for students to be asked to share their online presence with schools and employers. With the availability of no-code website creation platforms that do not require users to have web development knowledge, expectations are high. It can be difficult to know what should be on your site, how to convey your ideas, and how to present yourself. In our website design class, you will learn how to create an online presence that shows you in the best possible light. We will cover the structure of your page, content writing skills and techniques to convey your ideas clearly and confidently, and ways to appeal to your specific target audience. Through this class, you will master platforms like Wix and Squarespace, leaving with a website that you can proudly put on your leadership campaigns, portfolio, college applications and use to market yourself as you progress through your education and career.

Schedule: 3-5 pm

Instructor: Theo

Contact us to enroll today! 

General inquiries,
College consulting,

English, 310-377-1297
English and Korean, Kay 310-989-7557
Chinese, WeChat IDs: PA-550, peninsula10000

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