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Winter/Spring 2022 Program

Classes Start January 10

Each semester, Peninsula Academy assembles a comprehensive portfolio of programs designed to help you meet any educational goal. See the latest we have to offer and feel free to contact us with any questions about tuition, schedules, and learning outcomes. We look forward to helping you succeed!

SAT/ACT One-on-One Prep

Private sessions are available for SAT/ACT preparation. Tutors develop personalized lesson plans that address students’ needs for improvement. Students receive extra practice, instruction, and the one-on-one attention they need to succeed.

AP Prep

AP subjects are college level courses which means they are the most difficult classes you take in high school. That is why when it comes to your college applications, your AP scores are weighed heavily in consideration.  High AP scores definitely make you stand out among the rest. In addition, as the SAT/ACT requirements become uncertain among colleges, the reviewer’s evaluation of your AP scores will be measured with a new significance. Our AP prep classes will be starting from February however, AP Macroeconomics course starts on Jan 9. 

College Counseling | 6th-11th

Our comprehensive college counseling services aim to help students identify their passion and college dreams and pursue those goals with strategic planning and perseverance. Don't let the pandemic slow you down in pursuing your college dream. Our counselors will help you manage the timeline in the new normal of hybrid learning environment, exploring leadership opportunities, and stay engaged in extracurricular activities. 

College Application | Seniors

Our dedicated, certified college counselors help students walk through the entire college application process, providing expert advice on college list and majors, essays, letters of recommendation, and interviews. Leave the stress of application season behind, and start looking toward your acceptances!

College Transition | Seniors

How well a student transitions in the first year of college is one of the best predictors of success during college and timely graduation. Our college counselors help students utilize their time between now and Fall to prepare for a smooth transition. Whether it is applying for summer internships, connecting with faculty, selecting electives, or choosing minors, our counselors are here to help you jump start your college success.

AP Macroeconomics | 9th - 12th, Starts Jan 9

This class introduces students to the principles of economics that apply to an economic system as a whole, leading the students to an exploration of macroeconomic topics. In this course, students will approach economic problems from a broader perspective, viewing the economy of a nation as a whole. How can we measure the economic performance, national income and price level of a country? What determines the economic well-being of a society? How could policies promote economic growth as well as productivity? The class will guide the students to the answers to these questions.

In addition the class will teach students how to generate charts and graphs to describe economic concepts and interpret and analyze charts, graphs and data to describe economic concepts.

Upon completion of this course the students are not only ready for AP Macroeconomics test in May, 2021 but also will be ready for the prestigious competitions such as the NEC (National Economics Challenge).

Schedule: Sunday  2-4 pm

Python | 5th - 12th

This class will introduce students to programming in python. No prior knowledge is assumed except for basic math skills. The goal of the course is to have each student be confident in the fundamentals of programming in python, namely, variable types, control statements, lists, basic syntax, and best practices. The pace of the class is student-directed, with the depth of understanding emphasized over breadth. All topics discussed are readily applicable to programming in general, including material on the AP computer science exam. 


Beginning Level (5th/6th): Monday, 3:30-5 pm or Thursday, 3:30-5 pm
Intermediate Level (6th-8th): Wednesday 3:30-5 pm or Saturday 2-3:30 pm
Advanced Level (8th-12th): Monday 3:30-5 pm or Saturday 4-5:30 pm

* Scratch is available for younger students, please contact Peninsula Academy for details.

Biology for Middle School | 6th - 8th

This is a general science course designed to examine aspects of the living world. An effort will be made to survey as much material as possible due to the fact that this is an introductory biology course for all higher level, college preparatory biology courses. Students will be exposed to a wide range of topics from beginning cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, taxonomy and ecology. Students will be challenged to develop scientific thinking and reading skills throughout the course. Students are expected to actively participate and stay on ­task in order to benefit from this style of teaching. Students will be encouraged to take an active part in the learning process.

Schedule: Friday, 3:30-5 pm or Saturday, 2:30-4 pm

Phonics/Early Reading | K-1st

Research has demonstrated that an understanding of how letters relate to the corresponding  sounds of words is important in reading. Systematic phonics instruction produces higher achievement for beginning readers and prepares students for early reading success. 

Schedule: Friday, 4-5 p.m.

Young Writers Book Club

Book Clubs aim to provide students with interesting and good-quality books that they might never otherwise read. Students will also practice writing skills, brainstorming, outlining, and editing skills based on the club reading materials.

2nd - 3rd: Tuesday, 4:30 - 5:30 pm
4th-5th: Friday, 3:30-5 pm
5th-6th: Wednesday, 3:30-5 pm
6th-7th: Thursday, 4:30-6 pm
8th-9th: Friday, 5:30-7 pm

Advanced Math Club | 4th-8th

This program is designed for those who would like to aspire to a higher level of math skills. Our instructors are dedicated to stimulating enthusiasm, and strengthen intuition in mathematical problem solving. Many of our students have received Honor Roll certificates on the AMC 8, AMC 10 & AMC 12 and been invited to AMIE and also received high scores on Math Olympiads.


4/5th: Tuesday, 3:30-5 pm
5/6th: Tuesday, 5-6:30 pm
6th-8th: Wednesday, 6-7:30 pm


Online Greek Mythology | 4th-7th

In this workshop, students discover why myths were created by many of the world’s ancient civilizations, and explore how mythology appears in contemporary literature, film and other media today. Students explore the art of storytelling, discuss mythology, and examine oral traditions as they experiment with creative performance, and gain a deeper understanding of literary and dramatic themes. 


4th/5th : Saturday, 3-4:30 pm
6th/7th : Friday, 3:30-5 pm

Speech and Debate | 3rd-12th

Join our fast-growing speech and debate team! Learn speech, acting, and debate from our top coaches. Our students have gone on to win national debate competitions and earn internships with the Supreme Court and Congress. Express yourself and win awards all while doing something that is great for college! For detailed schedule and program description, refer to the website under speech and Debate

 1:1 SCAT/ISEE/SSAT/ERB | 2nd-8th

Whether your child prepares for SCAT, ISEE or SSAT, the experienced instructors will  cover the key skills, build vocabulary and strengthen reading comprehension along with strategies you need to succeed on the SCAT/ISEE/SSAT.  

Contact us to enroll today! 

For English, 310-377-1297
For Korean, 310-989-7557

For Chinese, 424-394-6362 
550 Deep Valley Dr. #277, Rolling Hills Estates, CA

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