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Tuition & Attendance Policies

  1. A non-refundable fee of $30 is due upon enrollment.

  2. You may pay tuition either Pre-Pay: monthly in advance, or Post-Pay: tuition due within 7 days of previous month's final session. For Post-Payers, we require a credit card and authorization signature on file; if tuition is not paid with 7 days of the final day of the month, tuition owed for the that month will be charged. Without a credit card and authorizing signatures on file, tuition must be Pre=Paid. 

  3. With at least 24-hour notice (preferably 48 hours), private tutoring may be rescheduled pending teach availability or cancelled. Without minimum 24-hour noticce, session will be charged. In case of last minute cancellation due to illness or emergency, session will be charged as half-session to cover expenses incurred. 
    *** NOTE: Because the office is closed on Sundays, Monday cancellations and changes MUST be made by Saturday, 2pm. ***

  4. With at least 24-hour notice, SAT and Math Group classes can be made up at different times within the same month, provided that similar group classes are available for make-ups. For all other group classes, there is no provision for make-ups. No tuition credit is given for missed group classes except in case of illness or emergency, in which case half-tuition for the missed class may be credited.

  5. Group classes with only one student in attendance convert to a half-length private session. Session's tuition remains the same. 

  6. Paid tuition is non-refundable.

  7. There is a 2-session minimum for private classes for new students to allow time for the student and tutor to get familiar with one another before deciding whether or not to continue.

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